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Using  Affirmations For Life Change

We’ve all been told about the philosophy of utilizing affirmations as part of our personal growth. But have you ever attempted them? Most individuals who have attempted utilizing affirmations have done so with assorted outcomes. A few individuals have trouble with affirmations as affirmations occasionally “feel like fake”.

And honestly, many individuals feel that they simply don’t work at all. But utilizing affirmations is among those teachings that simply don’t seem to go away. Many individuals still trust in them and a lot of respected speakers still advocate the utilization of them.

Affirmations may be utilized to demolish bad habits and produce great ones.

Affirmations may help you get clear and quell centered.

Affirmations may help you speed up the advancement on your goals.

Affirmations keep you poised and calm.

Affirmations may help you experience the life you wish.

Affirmations may alter your life.


Affirmations are statements that we make, favorable or damaging. They might be made by choice like when we try to alter some facet of our life, or they might be made mechanically like when we tell ourselves “Oh, this is awful”, when we see a bug. What is captivating about them is that the more we utilize them, the more our conduct becomes like them!

The precept behind the working is like that of beads of water falling on a rock. A couple of beads won’t make any difference to the rock but if the drops fall ceaselessly, then, over a time period, the rock will be broken.

How affirmations work : We carry out our life according to our notions. All our notions are stored in the subconscious. So, if you discover that you’re unable to make lots of income, or, you make income but are not able to hang on to it, it might be due to such notions held in the subconscious as “I don’t merit being prosperous” or “income is immoral”, and so forth. In order to alter our notions, we must operate at the level of the subconscious.

The subconscious is like your PC. It takes data, processes it and presents an output. It doesn’t think by itself. It doesn’t differentiate between good and unfit. If we place scraps in a PC we get scraps as output.

So, in order to alter your notions and produce a fresh reality, you have to bombard your subconscious with ideas of your desire.  In order to effect substantial changes in your life, affirmations must be done many times till such time that they’ve gotten to be a reality. If you do them for a couple of days only, the anticipated results might not arrive. Be diligent about them, i.e. go on doing them till your destinations are achieved.


As a proactive technique experts encourage the utilization of visual affirmations and they advise us to use uplifting messages on your computer wallpaper or around your office, fix your email program to send you statements at certain times every day, use your cell phone or PDA to send yourself favorable messages and reminders at preselected intervals.

This is a process that truly works. After all, we’re visual animals – simply look at all the members in awesome communities like MyBlogLog – and actively seek out invigorating images and messages. Favorable thoughts and great intentions swimming around in our subconscious mind may crystallize with the right sort of visual prompts and inspire us to action.

I was presented to visual affirmations at a retreat  – think singing, dancing, bearing souls, swimming and lazing on the beach – and you are able to imagine the state of the lodge once we had taken to our vision boards with glue, scissors, text as and magazines. I still have that vision board and its given shape to my goals in a way a list on my fridge could never do!


If this all appears a bit fluffy and intangible, ask yourself if you’ve ever done the following:

Looked at a photograph of home when you were abroad?

Watched the ocean when you were feeling distressed?

Stuck an image of a gorgeous girl on the fridge door to keep you away from the chocolate?

Bought an artist’s impression of a place you have traveled to?

Copied an aspiration quote onto a notebook?

A friend at one of the businesses I pass through took a less than gratifying contract and on her first day she stuck a photo of her new motorcycle in her cubicle. As each tough week passed she drew a line down the photo. Week one she had paid for one-half of the back tire, week two she was midway along the fuel tank and so on…

Visual images are very powerful for affirming change. Get going with affirmations.


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