Behavior Based Goals

How To Set Goals And Goal Setting Strategies and techniques

Behavior Based Goals

Each of us has a schedule. For some, this schedule is detailed and down to the minute. For others, the schedule is more haphazard with a few concrete plans surrounded by more indefinite periods of time. Nevertheless, we all have an idea of what we want to get done today, what we want to get done this week and what we want to get done in a month, a year or during the course of our lives.

A lot of our scheduling has to do with necessities. We have to be at work at a certain time. We have a client meeting tomorrow at 2. We need to pick up groceries after the kids have been dropped off at school. Most of our days are spent ticking off these kinds of life-sustaining tasks from our internal to-do lists. After all, we all have to work and we all have to eat.

Some of what we schedule is less urgent than the time we spend earning money to pay bills and purchase food. These are the parts of the day we put aside for ourselves. Some refer to it as personal time. This is where we exercise, meet with friends, read, enjoy hobbies, etc. These activities are not as immediately necessary as work and food, but they do sustain us in other, less tangible ways.

Finally, in our schedules, we have more tenuous plans. These are things that are not as definite as going to work, relaxing with a book or meeting friends for dinner. Instead, they are things that we would like to accomplish at some point in the future – next month, next year or during our lifetime. You might say that these more tentative plans are goals.

This is a audio & ebook about goals and how to reach them. You see, most of us do have specific things that we would like to accomplish at some point. We’d like to lose weight. We’d like to see Paris. We’d like to learn how to fly a plane. However, for most of us, the process ends there. We don’t lose the weight we want. We never get to Paris. The only time we fly, it’s as a passenger. The idea is still there. It’s penciled into our schedules. However, we never do what we need to do to make those tenuous plans become realized. That’s a real shame.

Actually setting and then reaching goals is a practice that anyone can learn. It’s simply a matter of combining programmatic steps with learned behaviors to produce positive and life-transforming outcomes. When you set the time in your schedule to do certain actions, you begin to develop a habit. The more you perform this action, the more natural it becomes and the more habitual. Eventually, it feels unnatural if you aren’t performing the action as scheduled.

Over time the habit of doing the things that you need to do to reach the goal becomes as natural and as necessary as working or eating. In addition, as you begin to see the results of your daily actions, you feel good about yourself and how you’ve scheduled your time. This positive feedback provides a powerful incentive to keep at the task, doing what needs to be done, until the overall goal is finally within reach. In the end, it is your behavior that has changed and that change in behavior has allowed you to reach the goal that you set.

In this book, we’re going to examine this process of using behavior-based goals to become happier, healthier and much more productive. We’ll start by looking at the concept of behavior-based goals, learning what they are and why they are an important tool in a well-rounded life. Next, we’ll look at behavior versus results. We’ll learn how results are actually simply a by-product of everyday learned positive behaviors. Finally, we’ll take a look at some tips and best practices that will allow you to implement the behaviors that can help you to more effectively reach your goals.

Getting to your goals is a journey and that journey requires that you keep moving. Behavior-based goals allow you to develop the habits that keep you moving in the right direction so that accomplishing what you want to accomplish becomes second nature. They say that a journey begins with a single step. One of the first steps you can take to a more productive future lie in the pages of this book. It’s time to take that step. So, let’s go!

Table of Contents

What Are Behavior-Based Goals?

Time, Entropy and the Reason We Set Goals

Behavior Based Goals Explained

Start Using SMART Goals

Takeaways for This Section

Behavior vs. Results

Takeaways for This Section

Tips and Best Practices


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