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 Time to Take Control

Do you ever get the feeling like you’re constantly putting out fires? Like life is one massive struggle to stay afloat?

Do you come home from work feeling tired and stressed and without the energy to do anything other than collapse in front of the TV?

Do you always feel like you’re just not quite as happy as you think you could be/should be?

That’s life my friend. Or at least it’s life as many of us have come to know it. In fact though, there’s no reason that this should necessarily be the case.

The problem is that we’re always chasing after the gold at the end of the rainbow and in doing so, we never stop to smell the roses.

Sorry to mix metaphors there but I feel it paints a fairly accurate picture of the situation. We’re never happy because we’re always striving for what’s next. We’re always stressed about what’s coming up and we never appreciate what we have until we lose it.

We think that the only way to change this is to change our lives. To work harder and longer.

But it’s not. The way we change this is from the inside out. We need to change the way we think about our situation and we need to change the way we approach life’s problems and the way we enjoy the moment.

And that means taking control of our minds. Once you can do that, you can take back control and you can feel confident, relaxed and happy in the exact same circumstances.

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